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How to Have Twins or Triplets in the Sims 3: 8 Steps

How to Add Mods to The Sims 3. If you're not pleased with how The Sims 3 does something or find the in-game system to frequently break, there are game modifications (mods) to make the game run differently, or just run smoother. How to you locate your missing sim - The Sims 3 Questions How to you locate your missing sim, The Sims 3 Questions and answers, Xbox 360 Using The Sims 3 Exchange and Store - Electronic Arts After eight years on console, The Sims 3 Exchange online service will be closing its doors on July 2, 2018. You can still play The Sims 3 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 offline. Read on to find out about Exchange going away. About the Exchange going away The Sims 3 Store Custom Content Having Trouble? About The Sims 3 Exchange going away Trait (The Sims 3) | The Sims Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Observant lifetime reward allows Sims to instantly learn 3 random traits of a Sim. Sims can learn all the traits by interviewing if they work in Journalism or Law Enforcement career, by interviewing using the mobile radio station [TS3:UL], or by discussing renovation if they work in Architectural Designer profession [TS3:A].

I haven't been playing the Sims 3 very long - maybe 3 or 4 weeks - and in that time I have got through a couple of generations - and as I've split the children up a ...

How to Name a Teenage Sim in the Sims 3. Picking a name for a teenage sim in Sims 3 can be hard. You first think one name is perfect then come up with a better idea! Here is a wikiHow on how to find that perfect name and clearly explained … How to Find a Lost Small Pet in Sims 3 Pets: 6 Steps How to Find a Lost Small Pet in Sims 3 Pets. Have you ever been playing The Sims 3: Pets, and your Sim is carrying his small pet (snake, rodent, etc.) and suddenly you get a notice or see in your Sim's inventory... 3 Ways to Delete Sims - wikiHow

How to Bring a Dead Sim Back to Life in The Sims 3 Want to bring your dead Sim back to life? Here are the different methods to do so, as well as some other tips for keeping your Sim from meeting their fate! How to Install Custom Content in Sims 3 (PC & Mac) A step by step guide and walk through on how to install Sims 3 custom content.

A complete guide to The Sims 3, covers getting started and finding your way around Sunset Valley, an in-depth look at careers, relationships and the..The easier way than befriending a mermaid to become a mermaid is to go to the lifetime happiness awards and scroll till you find Mermadic kelp and... Sims 3 How To Edit Your Sim In this episode of Sims 3 Tips, I show you how to edit a pre-made or your own sim. Let's say for example, your not happy with their face, well watching this tutorial ...I Found this cheat and wanted to share IT out there if IT wasn'T discovered or people didn't know . Sims 3 How to Make an Alien 7. If your sim is pregnant, once the moodlet is gone your sim will have a sudden weight gain. 8. IF NOT exit the Sims 3 (this is why I told you to save) and reload your game then wait again.after a while it said "your sim found a big yellow giant" for example when i said "search the galaxy". How to find a single Sim in game — The Sims Forums

Answer (1 of 16): If you have already loaded Sims 3 on your computer before you lost the booklet then there is a way to retrieve the serial code. However, if you lost the booklet before you could install the game then, unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do apart from purchasing the game again.

How do I find kelp on The Sims 3 Island Paradise? - Answer… kelp can be found underwater so your sim might find it while scuba diveing.Want more Sims? Check out our Sims forums for tutorials and all things Sims. Summer's Little Sims 3 Garden: Sims 3 Pets: How To Get A… Thursday, October 20, 2011. Sims 3 Pets: How To Get A Unicorn. Warning: This post contains gameplay spoilers, as it is a tutorial about findingIf the unicorn isn't there, try the following. You must be zoomed in on a Sim or the ground to do this as it won't work in Map View. You may want your Sim... Game guide:How to delete a Sim correctly | The Sims Wiki

The Sims 3 Seasons: Alien Abilities and How to Find Them |…

how can i make two sims of my own to live together on sims 3 for nds The Sims 3 Getting Started Guide A complete guide to The Sims 3, covers getting started and finding your way around Sunset Valley, an in-depth look at careers, relationships and the.. Can I find out how my sim died? Sims 3 - Hi, so I’m not an expert on any of this stuff but I believe there is a picture on the tombstone showing how they died. To get the tombstone, I think you need to go to the mausoleum (the building at the graveyard) click on it, and select manage gravestones, or mange the dead or something like that. Sims 3: How do I find a sim that my character hasn't met yet ... Sims 3: How do I find a sim that my character hasn't met yet? I have a job opportunity to befriend a character in the Sims 3, but I'm not sure where to find her. I've tried checking the household names and I can't call her, what should I do? Mod The Sims - Locating an NPC sim A beautiful NPC sim spawned in my Bridgeport and I want her for my playable sim's love-mate. Unfortunately, he's never met her, only seen her in passing. Lately he's been trolling every bar and club, hoping to corner her for conversation, but to no avail. Is there an easy way to track down NPC characters?